Destination Weddings:

Easy as 1, 2, 3...

As a future bride and groom (trip hosts), you should be spending your time enjoying engagement bliss and not consumed with travel plans.  

Allow FCG Travel to organize and manage travel for your special day. Not only will we save you both time and money, we serve as the primary point of contact for all things travel. You can literally "show up" to your own destination wedding and everything will be handled for you, exactly as you've imagined! 

1. Choose a Date and Destination.

Consider what you love about the destination and the overall budget and ease of travel for your guests. I wouldn't stress too much over your wedding budget because destination weddings are VERY flexible. We can opt for anything from a complimentary (free) wedding ceremony package to a formal reception held in a ball room. 

2. Reserve the Wedding Venue.

Did  you know that many Caribbean destinations offer FREE wedding ceremonies for destination weddings? It is best to reserve venues between 6 - 13 months in advance. Upon review of  your special day requests, we can help you select the perfect venue. Once selected, you will be assigned your very own wedding coordinator to  finalize additional ceremony options, such as photography, floral arrangement, decor, DJ/MC, entertainment, food, desserts, lighting, fireworks,and more!

3. Inform Your Guests!

EVERY destination wedding packages includes a customized private web-page for you to share with your friends + family. The custom curated web-page will inform your guests of special trip pricing, pre-trip instructions, frequently asked questions (FAQ's) specific to your special day,  RSVP Deposit Deadlines and more!

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